Who Are We?

US Home Report is a premium data collection and reporting service. We use millions of pieces of data to be able to generate statistical information on any property, in any region in the United States. When you submit your report request, we access many different databases around the country in real time to create peerless reports containing as much information as a prospective home buyer could want.

Choosing US Home Report could save you a costly mistake, and can let you enter buying negotiations with full knowledge about the history and conditions of the property.

Knowledge is power.

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US Home Report scours the deep web to uncover information that normal search engines can't find. Uncover social network data, photos and videos, and property data for the house you're looking for.

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What your Realtor doesn't know.

Real Estate Agents don't always have the full history of a house, and this can keep issues hidden until after you make a purchase. Uncover previous owners, neighborhood statistics and more before you buy.

Report Features

  • HOME & PROPERTY VALUE Finding the value of a home, and its surrounding properties is often a very important step in finding real estate, and you can find it all in our reports!
  • NEIGHBORHOOD DATA Getting insights as to what the neighborhood is like is very important when buying or investing in any real estate. Get the full picture with Home Reports Plus.
  • INTERACTIVE MAPS Take a look at any property from arial views, street-views, and clean map views. Interact and view all the surrounding amenities like shopping, schools, and more.
  • OWNERS’ INFORMATION A useful part of our reports is our owners section which shows the current owner, as well as the previous owners.
  • MORE PROPERTY DATA Home Reports Plus has records on millions of properties throughout the United States. Discover the facts about your new home today!