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Online listing vs. Our Property Report - what's the difference?

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It's simple, when you browse through listings on a typical real estate website you're getting information that is commonly out-dated and varies depending on how many days it's been on the market. You're also restricted to viewing houses that are for only for sale or for rent. With our home reports, you can search any property; whether it be for sale or not, and get more information like who currently owns it, it's estimated value, and more!


We discover the REAL value of the home, based on tonnes of good data.


Where are the property values in this area headed? We graph the trends for you.


We show you Assessed value, taxes, even the last sale price.


Crime rates? Nearest Schools, Grocery stores, Bus Routes? Check.

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You can now enjoy all the great features of Home Reports Plus from anywhere and on any of your mobile devices. Simply visit our website and take advantage of searching for any houses nearby!